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Why the Just Keep Calm apps?

The Just Keep Calm mental health apps are professionally developed targeted techniques to help you overcome specific fears, anxieties, and phobias according to what the particular app is for. They possess a number of advantages.

  • You can use them on your own, without any previous training and complicated preparation. Thus, your psychologist is always at hand.
  • The techniques are carried out in a very discreet manner. The person sitting next to you on a plane or in the dentist’s waiting room will not even notice that at that very moment you are conquering your fears. All you need is to use your earphones and close your eyes the way you do when listening to music or relaxing.
  • They are not time-consuming, with their duration ranging from 10 to 15┬áminutes. This will make it easier for you to use them flexibly according to the given situation. Also, you will have no difficulty staying focused for that period of time.
  • They have been developed by clinical psychologists and psychotherapists on the basis of long-established therapeutic approaches that have been validated by research (so-called Evidence Based) and extensive clinical practice. For more details on the principles on which they function, see Psychotherapy (How It Works).

Special Hardware Requirements

  • Earphones,
  • Android phone,
  • Android tablet,
  • iPhone,
  • iPad.