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“A life lived in fear is a life half-lived.”

An increased rate of anxieties and phobias is typical of this century and our socio-cultural environment. It is the price we pay for progress, speed, and our modern lifestyle. And even though mobile apps cannot replace a fully-fledged psychotherapeutic dialogue, they can serve well as first aid in overcoming specific difficulties.

The Just Keep Calm apps are primarily based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and include elements of rational, relaxation, and suggestion therapies. They contain enough information for you to understand the basic issues of the specific areas as well as to understand the nature and properties of your anxieties and fears. The first part of each app will help you rely better on your rationality. Indeed, if you do not have enough relevant information, you tend to replace this lack with imagination, catastrophic scenarios, and snatches of what you have heard or read.

However, as is well known, the mind in itself will not do; emotions have to be taken care of, too. For this purpose, each app has additional parts that include, for instance, elements of Jacobson’s progressive muscle relaxation and Schultz’s autogenic training or specific breathing techniques. The principle on which these techniques function can be described in a very simplified manner as follows:

Your body is completely indifferent to whether a danger is real or imagined. Are you afraid of something? If so, the brain will send a signal to the rest of the body (the periphery) to prepare for fight or flight. Your muscles will tighten, your blood vessels will constrict, and your breath and heart rates will increase. There is no way to consciously control this process, but by using the above techniques you can manage that and kind of fool your emotions: the relaxation procedures will cause your muscles to relax, your blood vessels to widen, and your breath and heart rates to slow down, and this time it will be the periphery that will send back to the brain the opposite signal, that there is no imminent danger – because if there were, your body could not be so relaxed. Your brain will thus accept the information and make sure to make you even calmer.

What will you need? Our app, earphones, and any device capable of playing it (see Special Hardware Requirements). All you need to do then is listen and follow the instructions.

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Haven’t found the app you need to overcome your fears? Simply contact us and if we find your ideas inspiring, we will develop an app (if possible).