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So far, we have developed the following app for you:

Just Keep Calm: On a Plane

Don’t Be Afraid of Flying. The app will help you overcome fears and phobias associated with air travel. You may no longer have to steal sips during the flight from the bottle of whisky bought in the duty-free shop or increase the doses of anti-anxiety drugs before the flight (or combine both). You will obtain enough information on flying safety, atmospheric phenomena, anxiety and its common manifestations, etc. A pleasant voice will guide you through the training in relaxation techniques and specific breathing techniques primarily based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy. All you have to do is follow the instructions that you will hear. This app will make your flight less stressful and difficult both for you and those around you.


Recommendations for use:

Given the fact that mobile phone use is banned during take-off, use the app after checking in while waiting in the gate area to board your flight or after boarding, just before take-off. Also keep in mind that during take-off and landing you are permitted to wear earphones in one ear only for safety reasons (depending on specific airline policies).

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Music: Darek Král. English voice: Simon Gill.